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It all started in the late 1970’s in Myrtle Beach, S.C. A young boy’s curiosity was sparked as he watched his Mother search for sharks teeth along the water’s edge. Fascinated with the idea of finding them he began to tag along and watch his Mother. She showed him what to look for and other tips for finding them. Armed with all that knowledge and a small empty pill bottle, he set out determined to fill it to the top. After the morning hunt, he couldn’t wait to compare size, types, and the true test, “who found the most”. He terrorized his brother and sister regularly by the constant competition. Little did his Mother realize that the Shark Tooth Hunter was born.

That was 30+ years ago, since then I have spent many fun hours searching different beaches for that special tooth. It’s a great pastime, exciting yet very relaxing as you walk along hunting each new beach. No requirements necessary, no age limit, no equipment, it can be done anytime of day, alone or with others, just a little “patience”. It’s the joy of spotting what you will begin to think of as a “true treasure”. When you do discover the big one you are suddenly looking around for someone to show and share in your excitement. It brings a lot of smiles too many faces. Who knows, you may create another Shark Tooth Hunter !

Join with me and share in this incredible and educational adventure with nature.

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